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Unfortunately not all videos are or will be translated and new videos are translated with delay.

We publish a new hunting episode every month, except in June and July, so totally you can expect to see 10 new episodes every year.

The storyline is simple: The episodes follow how group of friends hunt throughout the Finnish hunting season. At the same time you can observe how they prepare and gear up for the hunts. We promise you movies that are full of action and truly show the moments when the hunter's heart beats faster. Our intention is NOT to produce educational videos. Therefore, we show the action as it is - even the moments when everything didn’t go as planned. Still, we never return home with an empty backpack.

From our website you can also find videos of presentations, guidance, reviews and other subjects hunters might find interesting. We publish these videos from time to time.

So stay tuned and follow our updates! New material is published every month and you can watch it online whenever you have the time.

Below you can see the latest hunting episode and from the top menu you'll find all the other videos - including the previous hunting episodes.

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