Advertising details

The videos on this website are located on our YouTube channel, but they can only be seen through the Korpi Makasiini website. Korpi Makasiini publishes a new hunting episode 10 times a year. Other product-, guidance- and review videos are published randomly.

Price list:


  • Can be changed every month.
  • Max 6 banners on page.
  • Standard banner price is 95 € per month.

Video commercial on hunting episode's commercial break

  • Each hunting episode includes commercial breaks, where the advertisement can be placed. Both picture and video commercials can be used.
  • For example: Pricing for 30 second insert will start from 390 € per presentation.

Demonstration of your own products

  • Our website includes demonstration and review videos of different products.
  • We can make a video where we give a presentation of your product with you.
  • The viewer will get an accurate demonstration and information about your product. These videos can be seen in "Presentation" section of our website
  • Standard price is 600 €. The pricing depends on the demands of the video. For example number of days to complete filming and customer's special wishes-


Because watching the videos is completely free to the public, we gain a lot of audience.
Views will accumulate over time and the videos/your commercial will not disappear from the website.

Material and delivery:

Banner: Width 250px and height 150px. Colors: RGB. Format: jpg, png or gif (animation included). Bigger banners can be made upon request. A finished banner must be delivered before the end of the month to: pete [at]

Video commercial: In AVI, AVCHD, MPEG4 or MPEG2 video format and minimum 720 x 576 (1280 x 780 preferred). Delivery two (2) weeks before the end of the month for example on a memory stick to the following address:

Petri Roivainen
Laakajärventie 212c

We can also film and produce your own commercial videos for a fair price. Feel free to contact us and

We'll plan and produce your commercial together with you. All prices are VAT 0%.

Series discount:

If an advertiser books five similar commercials/banners, the advertiser will get a -20% discount.

Contact us, and we'll come up with a perfect package to cover your needs.